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November 2017 Archives

Litigation of Disney franchise "Pirates of the Caribbean"

California is filled with people who strive to become successful in the entertainment field. While most people likely think of actors and singers when they think of money-making films and television shows, the creative forces behind the success of many movies are really those who write scripts. Unfortunately, some writers often feel that their ideas are used without proper credit, potentially prompting their desire for legal recourse, including litigation.

Litigation over allegations of discrimination

The average employee in California simply wants to be treated the same as his or her co-workers, with the same opportunities for advancement. Unfortunately, some people in the United States feel that they are treated differently as a result of their race, gender, disabilities or religion. Victims of such discrimination often feel like they have no other choice but to pursue litigation in order to rectify such illegal treatment.

Defending against harassment claims: Is your business next?

As the driving force fueling the success of a business in Silicon Valley or elsewhere in the Bay Area, what do you dream about at night as a creative entrepreneur? Understandably, the ongoing dynamics of your business plan are front and center. You focus on growth, profitability, and sustained excellence.

Litigation: Woman accuses employer of wrongful termination

The vast majority of people in California work hard to fulfill their workplace responsibilities. For some people, this may include asking difficult questions and informing supervisors of acts of others who may have violated federal law. Those put in such a position should be able to do so without fear of retaliation. Unfortunately, a former employer of Sig Sauer, a gun manufacturer, has turned to litigation after claiming she was fired for investigating an incident involving a manual change made to a shipping address.

Pending lawsuit over alleged copyright violation

Those who create films in California often pour all of their time, energy and talents into the final product. Once completed, they expect that their efforts are properly recognized -- and, perhaps, compensated -- by others who might benefit from their efforts. Unfortunately, the creator of a documentary based on the life of a football player is now the plaintiff in a pending lawsuit due to allegations of copyright infringement, fraudulent misrepresentation and breach of contract.

Litigation over closure of fertility clinic

Many occupations in California and across the country require a worker to spend a significant amount of his or her life in education and training. As a result, the worker becomes a valuable member of a team. Unfortunately, litigation in another state may interest those in California in a similar profession.

Litigation against state claims racial discrimination

In a perfect world, the treatment a person receives in the workplace would be based on his or her abilities and effort. Despite the efforts made in race relations over the last several decades, minorities still face workplace discrimination in California and across the country. In fact, a man has recently turned to litigation after he claims he faced discrimination in his job in another state.

Litigation an option for victims of sexual harassment

People's attitudes toward the workforce have changed substantially over the course of the last century. For example, there are -- theoretically -- equal opportunities for women and minorities. Unfortunately, there are still those workers who experience discrimination and harassment in the workplace, often prompting victims in California and across the country to pursue litigation. A recent study conducted by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission revealed some troubling statistics about sexual harassment in the workplace.

Jets' Erin Henderson pursues litigation

There are many people in California who put all of their effort and energy into their careers. This can especially be true for professional athletes. Often, even when they are not training or competing, these athletes are worried about how their choices will impact their physical and mental conditions. Unfortunately, former NFL player Erin Henderson has chosen to pursue litigation after he claims that he was wrongfully terminated by the Jets due to a brain disorder.


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