Litigation over allegations of discrimination

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2017 | business torts

The average employee in California simply wants to be treated the same as his or her co-workers, with the same opportunities for advancement. Unfortunately, some people in the United States feel that they are treated differently as a result of their race, gender, disabilities or religion. Victims of such discrimination often feel like they have no other choice but to pursue litigation in order to rectify such illegal treatment.

A man in another state has recently filed a lawsuit as a result of treatment that he claims was discrimination based on his age and race. Papers filed with the court indicate that the 55-year-old man was hired in 2008 as an engineering aide. He claims that the discrimination began in 2011 when another employee — someone younger than him — began making discriminatory comments to him. His supervisor, he claims, failed to take action to stop the comments.

The worker additionally claims that he did not have the same opportunities for advancement as his co-workers and that he faced different employment terms, such as disparate testing requirements. He also argues that he was given poor job performance ratings even though they were unwarranted. Court papers detail several other instances of what he claims was discriminatory actions.

In a perfect world, every person in a workplace would be treated according to their abilities and their efforts. Even though there are laws in place to help ensure that California workers are treated accordingly, some still fall victim to the unlawful actions of their employers. Fortunately, an attorney with experience with such treatment can help these employees fully understand their options, including whether to pursue litigation.

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