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June 2017 Archives

Litigation: Judge overturns copyright infringement verdict

Writers are inspired by many different aspects of life. Often, this inspiration is nothing more than the facts of historical events or a person's life. Because of the potential sources of inspiration, many people in California and other areas of the country who create a successful production, for example, are sometimes forced to defend their decisions through litigation. The creators of a hit musical, "Jersey Boys," have recently successfully argued that a verdict against them in a copyright infringement lawsuit should be overturned.

Litigation over purse between Valentino and Steve Madden

Designers in California work hard every year to create new products and designs to attract customers. Unfortunately, when one designer releases a product that is identical to another's, but significantly cheaper, the original designer could lose money. Valentino has accused Steve Madden of such a transgression; the accusation has now resulted in litigation.

Cupcake results in copyright infringement litigation

The internet has opened up opportunities for new professions. For example, many people in California and across the country are able to create a full-time job out of blogging. In some cases, bloggers work hard to create new content to attract visitors to their site. Unfortunately, a blogger has turned to litigation in California, claiming that the Food Network infringed on the copyright of her how-to video by posting a similar one on social media.

Strawberry litigation results in ruling for California college

For many people, strawberries are a delicious, healthy snack that can typically be easy to find in most grocery stores. However, most consumers are unaware of the years of research a single strawberry may represent. It is this research that recently led to litigation as a result of a conflict between a California college and one of its retired professors.


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