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May 2017 Archives

Pending lawsuit over allegedly stolen photographs

Many photographers in California work hard to produce their art. Often, their photographs are the reflection of the inner workings of a creative mind and, as such, their personal intellectual property. If other parties use their work without their permission, they may not receive proper compensation and could be seen as implicitly endorsing something with which they disagree. Such use may leave a photographer with no choice but to pursue his or her legal options. A pending lawsuit in another state accuses the Republican National Committee of copyright infringement.

Further litigation in ZeniMax copyright infringement case

While there are new inventions created everyday, there are some creations that are truly innovative. They may change the way people perform certain tasks, but they could also ultimately result in a significant profit for the creators. As a result, companies and inventors in California often pursue litigation when they feel they have fallen victim to copyright infringement.

Khloe Kardashian faces litigation over shared photography

Advances in technology over the course of the last few decades have significantly changed how people communicate and interact. With the click of a button, people and companies in California and globally can share information with millions of followers. Despite the advantages of these advances, there is a downside as it is easier to make images that are copyrighted by someone else, for example, more readily available without proper attribution. In fact, reality star Khloe Kardashian now faces litigation over a picture she posted on social media.

The definition of anti-LGBTQ discrimination just got broader

A recent, potentially precedential opinion from the federal Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals could transform the employment law landscape across the country. The case, Hively v. Ivy Tech Community College, involves a female college professor who argues that she was fired because of her sexual orientation; she is an open lesbian.

Litigation results in $4 million verdict for artist

Many artists in California work hard to receive recognition for their work. However, these artists also expect to be properly compensated by the companies that use their work to promote their products, for example. Unfortunately, an artist in another state was forced to turn to litigation when she claims a producer of herbal health products used her work without her permission.

California attorney prepared for negotiation and litigation

There are many people in California who have a dream. Some of these dreams include creating something that is both new and innovative. Many people work for years to realize their dream, but they must continue to protect any new inventions once they are completed. Ensuring that a creative idea or technology is protected is one of the most important aspects of remaining competitive in the marketplace and ensuring that an idea or creation is only used according to the creator's wishes. This often includes pursuing litigation if intellectual property is used without the owner's permission.


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