California attorney prepared for negotiation and litigation

On Behalf of | May 5, 2017 | business torts

There are many people in California who have a dream. Some of these dreams include creating something that is both new and innovative. Many people work for years to realize their dream, but they must continue to protect any new inventions once they are completed. Ensuring that a creative idea or technology is protected is one of the most important aspects of remaining competitive in the marketplace and ensuring that an idea or creation is only used according to the creator’s wishes. This often includes pursuing litigation if intellectual property is used without the owner’s permission.

Fortunately, LiLaw Inc. is available to help companies protect their intellectual property. Our attorney, J. James Li, Ph.D., recognizes the importance of protecting intellectual property and is willing to help clients through both negotiation and litigation. He has both the education and experience necessary to help clients protect themselves.

Protecting intellectual property involves several different measures. First, a company must procure appropriate patents, trademarks and copyrights. However, even once those are gained, businesses and individuals must also defend their intellectual property against infringements. Using arbitration, negotiation and/or litigation, our firm is able to help fight against such infringement.

Creative minds in California are creating new and improved technology and products every day. Often people work hard to create, invent and improve. Equally important to the creation of such ideas are efforts to protect them. LiLaw Inc. can help ensure that intellectual property is protected through a variety of different measures, including through litigation.