Litigation results in $2 million verdict

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2018 | business torts

Most people in California simply want to go to their jobs and perform their job-related tasks to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, the actions of others can make this a difficult task. While sexual harassment is illegal, victims should at the least be able to expect that their employers will help them take appropriate action to resolve such treatment. If help does not come, victims may have no choice but to turn to litigation.

Such was the case for a woman in another state. In a lawsuit filed against a company focused on funeral services, she claims she was the victim of sexual harassment. Court papers indicate that another co-worker touched her inappropriately and made offensive comments to her, among other allegations. The plaintiff in the case argues that she made it clear to him that his behavior was not wanted.

Although she claims she reported her concerns to her supervisors, no action was taken against the man. However, she states that she faced retaliation as a result of discussing her concerns in the form of untrue statements about her work and a ban on her working from home. While the company denied her allegations, a jury recently ruled in her favor, awarding her over $2 million.

All employees have the right to feel safe in their workplaces. If they do not, there should be procedures in place that can attempt to correct concerning, and often illegal, behavior. However, if a victim of sexual harassment is unable to get the help he or she needs from his or her supervisors or other relevant personnel, litigation may be the only path to justice. A California attorney with experience with such cases can help these victims fully understand their options and seek the most appropriate action.

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