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April 2017 Archives

Should I sue for a bad review?

Consumers have more influence and information than ever when it comes to voicing their opinions about their experiences with specific companies. Between the ability to quickly share an opinion with huge networks of people on social media and the feeling of anonymity some users have, it is incredibly easy to post a review without giving much consideration to the impact it could have.

Protecting inventions may require more than a patent

Silicon Valley business owners know that companies often thrive or fail based on their ability to innovate and drive the market. Creating new ideas, solutions and products can take a company from being a startup to being an industry leader, so it is essential that these inventions are protected.

New California law targets sexual harassment of janitors

In this blog, we will often discuss employment law, including new developments in California as well as federal legislation and case law. We will provide information to help employers of all sizes and types understand the kinds of legal responsibilities they have vis-à-vis their employees.


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