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February 2018 Archives

Litigation over alleged pregnancy discrimination

The way that expectant mothers are viewed in the workplace has changed dramatically over the course of the last several decades. In fact, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act made discrimination based on medical conditions related to pregnancy and childbirth illegal. Further protections were added in 2008. Though most employers in California are willing to provide the accommodations required by law, there are still those who violate law and discriminate against pregnant workers. Unfortunately, Walmart may be facing litigation over allegations that it discriminated against a pregnant worker who claims she was seeking reasonable accommodations.

Litigation over train engineer's termination

Multiple jobs in California and other areas of the country require employers to make split-second decisions. In some cases, the worker is torn between potentially preventing a serious incident or causing damage to company property in an attempt to avoid an incident. A man in another state is now turning to litigation after he claims he was wrongfully terminated after he avoided a potentially serious accident.

Grumpy Cat litigation leads to $710,000 award

When it comes to social media, it may be difficult to predict what exactly will attract attention and become a viral sensation. When such fame comes, however, many people in California must work hard to protect their property. For example, the owner of a cat -- known as Grumpy Cat -- turned to litigation after she claimed a company infringed on her copyright.


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