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September 2017 Archives

Surgeon pursues litigation following termination

Surgery is a complicated undertaking. Those who perform it in California must have years of training and education. Unfortunately, one surgeon in another state who questioned his employer's -- a hospital -- policy of allowing doctors to perform more than one surgery at once has recently turned to litigation after he claims he was wrongfully terminated.

Breitbart litigation: Accused of copyright infringement

Many people in California and other areas of the country would likely agree that those with different political ideologies are currently at odds with one another. Many instances of protests and conflict fill the news relatively frequently. In one pending case, the use of a photographer's image of a protest is at the center of the litigation.

Nurse threatens litigation following termination

It takes a special temperament and personality to work as a nurse in a nursing home facility. These caregivers are tasked with the physically and emotionally difficult task of caring for those who are no longer to do so themselves. Often, nurses in California are required to be the voice and advocate of their patients, ensuring that they are heard and given an appropriate response. Unfortunately, a nurse in another state may turn to litigation after she was fired for insisting that a patient's assault claims were reported to police.

Plaintiff prevails in termination litigation

Many employees in California work hard at their job, often spending years with the same employer as they work toward retirement. Unfortunately, some older workers have found themselves facing increased scrutiny in an attempt to force them into retirement in order to cut costs. For those workers who are pushed out of their job solely based on their age, litigation may be the best path to justice.


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