Breitbart litigation: Accused of copyright infringement

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2017 | business torts

Many people in California and other areas of the country would likely agree that those with different political ideologies are currently at odds with one another. Many instances of protests and conflict fill the news relatively frequently. In one pending case, the use of a photographer’s image of a protest is at the center of the litigation.

The lawsuit involves a photojournalist who has accused Breitbart News Network of using an image he took of a rally at a California university. The image reportedly depicts several Black students standing by a building on campus. One student is holding a sign that says “Black Lives Matter,” while another is using a bullhorn.

The photojournalist claims he posted the image on his social media accounts. Approximately a month later, he claims that Breitbart started using it. The lawsuit includes 20 URLs where the image was used for topics ranging from racism to black student demands. The plaintiff claims that Breitbart’s use of the image intentionally and willfully disregards the former’s copyright.

When artists create a work, they likely do so with the intention that no one else will profit from their efforts without their consent or otherwise use the work to further a cause with which they may not agree. As a result, some artists in California turn to litigation when they feel they have been the victim of copyright infringement. An attorney with experience with such cases can help them determine the merits of a lawsuit and consider appropriate legal action.

Source:, “Photographer Sues Breitbart for Copyright Infringement“, Britain Eakin, Sept. 5, 2017