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October 2017 Archives

California forbids employers from requesting wage history

On October 12, California Governor Jerry Brown signed several bills he believes will “make a positive difference for women, children and families across the state.” One of those bills is AB 168, which beginning in 2018 will forbid all employers of any size in the state, including local and state governmental units, from asking job applicants for their salary and benefit histories, either in writing or orally. 

Kmart faces litigation over banana suit

As the last days of September slip away, people in California and across the country turn their attention to fall and the holidays that come with it. In fact, people in this country are projected to spend more than $9 billion this year on Halloween alone. As a result, many companies are planning on how to best capitalize on these planned expenditures. In fact, costumes are such big business that Kmart faces litigation over a costume that may be extremely familiar to some.

Google faces litigation over discrimination claims

A decade ago, telling someone to "google" something would likely be met with a look of confusion. However, Google has become such a household word that almost everyone in California and across the United States is familiar with the company. Lately, though, many people are associating the company with issues related to workplace discrimination rather than a successful technology company. Google now faces even more litigation after three former employers filed a class action lawsuit.

Issues in employment discrimination based on sexual orientation

Here at LiLaw Inc., we advise Bay-area employers about how to comply with state and federal anti-discrimination laws so that their workplaces remain free from such incidents. We also help them respond to allegations both in-house and in formal complaints or lawsuits that illegal discrimination or harassment has occurred. 


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