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July 2017 Archives

Litigation: Photographer claims copyright infringement

Most photographers and other types of artists in California want their work to receive the recognition that it deserves. While this includes that their work is actually seen, they also want proper compensation, a desire that sometimes results in litigation. One photographer in another state has recently filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Procter & Gamble for allegedly using her work in unauthorized ways.

Grocery store turns to litigation over alleged infringement

Many companies in California and across the country work hard to create a recognizable brand. As part of that brand recognition, they often create a trademark that they hope will be easily connected to the company. In order to protect their brand, some companies find themselves in a position of being forced to turn to litigation in order to protect their trade and service marks from copyright infringement.

MLB umpire claims discrimination, turns to litigation

Although there are a variety of different types of jobs, all workers in California likely have one thing in common -- they want to be evaluated, promoted and compensated for the job that they perform rather than for their race or gender. Despite laws in place to protect workers from these and other forms of discrimination, there are still workers who fall victim to illegal acts. For many, litigation may be only option to redress certain workplace violations.

Disability discrimination claim could lead to litigation

It is well-known that when a member of the military is deployed, he or she often does not return home in the same condition. Those in California who choose to serve in the military often suffer both physically and mentally -- effects that are often felt for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, one man in another state claims that he suffered even more because of his post-traumatic stress disorder when he became the victim of workplace discrimination. His claims could lead to litigation.


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