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August 2017 Archives

Business owners should use training to prevent retaliation suits

Here at the law firm of LiLaw Inc. in Los Altos, attorney J. James Li, J.D., Ph.D., advises employers and employees about illegal employment discrimination and harassment like that based on gender, race, age, disability, religion and other protected employee characteristics. An important component of anti-discrimination law is that it is also unlawful to retaliate against an employee who reports an incident or practice of workplace discrimination or harassment, or who cooperates in a discrimination investigation or lawsuit such as in the capacity of a witness. 

Pending lawsuit: LeVar Burton sued over podcast

For over two decades, children in California and across the country were encouraged to read on the television show "Reading Rainbow" by show host LeVar Burton. However, the show was canceled in 2006. Now Burton faces a pending lawsuit after the public broadcaster that owns the show, WNED, accused him of copyright infringement.

Litigation after accusations of harassment, wrongful termination

There are laws in place that protect employees from inappropriate behavior such as sexual harassment. Additionally, employees should feel free to report such unlawful behavior without fear of retaliation. Unfortunately, a female pastor in California claims the church that employed her fired her after she complained about sexual harassment at the hands of the head pastor. As a result, she has now turned to litigation.

Litigation leads to verdict against KinderGuides

Many people in California and across the world believe that providing books to young children can have positive benefits. With that thought in mind, a company called KinderGuides created adaptations of several books deemed classics; their goal is to help children appreciate classic literature while still young. While some people question whether young children can fully appreciate the works of Ernest Hemingway, for example, others -- including the estates and publishers of many of the authors -- have pursued litigation against the company.

Wrongful termination litigation results in $1.26 million award

Employers in California are required to provide workers' compensation insurance benefits for their employees. The benefits provide for medical expenses and lost wages in the event that an employee is injured while on the job. Unfortunately, a man in another state claims that he was wrongfully terminated after he filed a workers' compensation claim. Litigation resulting from the man's claim recently resulted in a $1.26 million award in his favor.


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