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Technological innovation, creative ideas, proprietary information of a business and branding efforts are vital to success in today’s highly competitive marketplace. IP interests frequently represent the most significant assets an individual or business controls. Safeguarding intellectual property has never been more important. LiLaw Inc. is a full-service intellectual property law firm serving clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond in all IP areas, including patent, copyright, trademark and trade secret matters, as well as the right of publicity, which is a special species of intellectual property with the mixed features of copyright, trademark and privacy rights.

Attorney J. James Li, J.D., Ph.D., is devoted to providing comprehensive intellectual property counseling, transactional guidance and vigorous representation in resolving IP disputes for clients. He works directly with clients in all aspects of intellectual property law to protect, license and leverage IP assets, and to defend against IP claims.

LiLaw Inc. provides businesses and individuals with full-service IP counsel, guidance and dispute resolution services, including:

  • Patent litigation and procurement: Dr. Li is a skilled patent litigator with substantial experience enforcing clients’ patent rights and defending against patent infringement claims in arbitration, trial and appeals. He has a successful track record in resolving patent disputes through negotiation and litigation. He draws on his rich experience with patent law matters and the knowledge he obtained earning an advanced technical degree to prosecute and secure patent protection on behalf of clients, to sue patent infringers on behalf of clients if necessary, to defend against patent infringement claims, and to help clients identify technical assets for patent protection and leverage those assets through licensing.

  • Copyright and trademark litigation and registration: LiLaw Inc. works with clients to protect copyright and trademark IP assets. The firm helps clients register copyrights and trademarks. Such registrations are one important step in the protection of copyright and trademark matters. As a full-service trademark and copyright lawyer, Dr. Li enforces copyrights and trademarks through negotiation and litigation. The firm also defends clients against copyright and trademark infringement claims by third parties.

  • Trade secrets: Trade secrets are the most common IP assets that almost every business has. They also are the hardest form of IP to protect and are often implicated in employment matters. LiLaw Inc. counsels clients on how to protect trade secrets in employment settings, business partnerships and commercial transactions, through confidentiality agreements and other necessary legal means. LiLaw Inc. also prosecutes parties that misappropriate its clients’ trade secrets and defends clients against claims of trade secret misappropriation.

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