Silicon Valley Employment And Trade Secret Law Attorney

Attorney J. James Li, J.D., Ph.D., represents both employers and employees in a wide range of employment law matters, especially matters associated with trade secrets. The law of trade secrets straddles the field of employment and intellectual property, in the context of employees’ lateral movement. Dr. Li has advised on and litigated many such employment/trade secrets cases. He draws on many years of experience resolving complex, high-stakes business and IP disputes and his vast knowledge of employment law to provide employers and employees with effective solutions to tough workplace concerns.

LiLaw Inc. also represents employers or employees in workplace discrimination, harassment, workers’ compensation and other employment matters. LiLaw’s trade secret practice extends to disputes between companies in joint ventures, design collaboration, OEM, failed mergers or acquisitions and other situations where a confidentiality agreement is breached.

Effective Representation From An Experienced Employment Lawyer

Business owners frequently turn to LiLaw Inc. for solid legal guidance in employment law matters to protect their businesses. The depth and breadth of Dr. Li’s business and employment law knowledge is invaluable to small and midsized businesses that cannot afford to have a lawyer on staff to answer employment law questions on a day-to-day basis. A worker may threaten a business with a workplace discrimination complaint or another employment law problem. Dr. Li can thoroughly review your unique situation and offer skilled guidance to mitigate the risk of a potential lawsuit.

If a dispute has already surfaced, LiLaw Inc. is well-poised to provide your business with aggressive advocacy to defend your rights. Dr. Li is a skilled litigator who knows how to present a compelling case to zealously guard the rights of clients. He will work aggressively and efficiently to obtain the most favorable outcome possible to minimize the adverse impact on your business.

Dr. Li is well-versed in federal and California employment laws. He will personally review your individual circumstances and provide guidance and serve as a strong advocate for your rights if you have suffered unlawful harassment, discrimination or other harm in violation of workers’ protection laws.

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To arrange a confidential consultation to discuss your workplace matters with a knowledgeable lawyer in San Jose, send LiLaw Inc. an email or call 888-842-0851.