Further litigation in ZeniMax copyright infringement case

On Behalf of | May 23, 2017 | business torts

While there are new inventions created everyday, there are some creations that are truly innovative. They may change the way people perform certain tasks, but they could also ultimately result in a significant profit for the creators. As a result, companies and inventors in California often pursue litigation when they feel they have fallen victim to copyright infringement.

One company has now filed a second lawsuit as part of accusations that other companies benefited from its copyrighted inventions. The first lawsuit was filed against Oculus, a company owned by Facebook, and resulted in an award of $500 million. The plaintiff in the case, ZeniMax, claimed that a former employee misappropriated information he obtained while working with his team at ZeniMax.

The most recent lawsuit was filed against Samsung and claims that Samsung heavily used the same software in question in the first lawsuit to create its Gear VR headset. Papers filed in court allege that Samsung should have been aware that Oculus was in the midst of a lawsuit, but continued its development using Zenimax creations. The company is accused of failing to pursue appropriate permission from Zenimax.

Many companies expend a great deal of resources in the creation of new technology and products. To help protect their investments, companies and people in California often take special measures, including consulting an attorney with experience with business law. Often, this includes pursuing their options regarding litigation against a company who may not have obtained proper permission to use certain technology or information, resulting in a copyright violation.

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