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Protect your trade secrets with these 7 steps

The movies have conditioned us that stolen trade secrets are the result of an eastern-Europe originated cyber breach or the result of a daring break-in where the Tom Cruise-looking spy navigates through your maze of lasers security system to hack into your data center. And before you know it, your trade secrets are gone.

Data shows harassment suits on the rise against employers

Here at LiLaw Inc., we represent both employers and employees in the Greater Gay Area in matters concerning illegal harassment in the workplace. Most prominent in the news, of course, is sexual harassment, but other types of harassment are also illegal such as those based on race, age, disability, religion and more. 

California forbids employers from requesting wage history

On October 12, California Governor Jerry Brown signed several bills he believes will “make a positive difference for women, children and families across the state.” One of those bills is AB 168, which beginning in 2018 will forbid all employers of any size in the state, including local and state governmental units, from asking job applicants for their salary and benefit histories, either in writing or orally. 

Business owners should use training to prevent retaliation suits

Here at the law firm of LiLaw Inc. in Los Altos, attorney J. James Li, J.D., Ph.D., advises employers and employees about illegal employment discrimination and harassment like that based on gender, race, age, disability, religion and other protected employee characteristics. An important component of anti-discrimination law is that it is also unlawful to retaliate against an employee who reports an incident or practice of workplace discrimination or harassment, or who cooperates in a discrimination investigation or lawsuit such as in the capacity of a witness. 


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