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PTSD diagnosis at center of pending lawsuit

Those who have a job related to public safety often have highly stressful positions. Even workers who answer 911 calls and dispatch emergency responders spend a great deal of their job hearing -- and sometimes experiencing trauma -- on calls. Unfortunately, a pending lawsuit claims that a city wrongfully terminated a woman who allegedly developed post-traumatic stress disorder after a particularly disturbing call.

The woman reportedly began working for the city as a public safety call taker in Feb. 2005. After briefly leaving the position in May 2010, she returned a year later, staying until March 2016 when she claims she was forced to resign. The lawsuit she filed in late Dec. 2017 alleges that while working as a dispatcher, she received a call from a man who admitted to shooting someone; during the call, she realized that the victim was her brother. The caller then took his own life.

Her brother was seriously injured, and soon after she was diagnosed with PTSD, which resulted in missed time from work. Although she requested a transfer to an administrative position, the lawsuit claims her request was denied. She further states that supervisors told her co-workers about her diagnosis who then harassed her. She claims that she was ultimately forced to resign.

Her lawsuit requests damages between $200,000 to $1 million. Her former employer declined to comment on the pending lawsuit. Unfortunately, employees in California and across the country also face discrimination and a failure to provide appropriate accommodations for a disability. Because this treatment is unlawful, victims of such treatment often choose to seek recompense. An attorney with experience regarding such cases can help evaluate the merit of a claim and take appropriate action.

Source:, "911 dispatcher sues city for wrongful termination," Aaron Montes, Jan. 8, 2018

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