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Defending against harassment claims: Is your business next?

As the driving force fueling the success of a business in Silicon Valley or elsewhere in the Bay Area, what do you dream about at night as a creative entrepreneur? Understandably, the ongoing dynamics of your business plan are front and center. You focus on growth, profitability, and sustained excellence.

Issues in employment discrimination based on sexual orientation

Here at LiLaw Inc., we advise Bay-area employers about how to comply with state and federal anti-discrimination laws so that their workplaces remain free from such incidents. We also help them respond to allegations both in-house and in formal complaints or lawsuits that illegal discrimination or harassment has occurred. 

The definition of anti-LGBTQ discrimination just got broader

A recent, potentially precedential opinion from the federal Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals could transform the employment law landscape across the country. The case, Hively v. Ivy Tech Community College, involves a female college professor who argues that she was fired because of her sexual orientation; she is an open lesbian.

New California law targets sexual harassment of janitors

In this blog, we will often discuss employment law, including new developments in California as well as federal legislation and case law. We will provide information to help employers of all sizes and types understand the kinds of legal responsibilities they have vis-à-vis their employees.


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