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Litigation results in $2 million verdict

Most people in California simply want to go to their jobs and perform their job-related tasks to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, the actions of others can make this a difficult task. While sexual harassment is illegal, victims should at the least be able to expect that their employers will help them take appropriate action to resolve such treatment. If help does not come, victims may have no choice but to turn to litigation.

Litigation over alleged pregnancy discrimination

The way that expectant mothers are viewed in the workplace has changed dramatically over the course of the last several decades. In fact, the Pregnancy Discrimination Act made discrimination based on medical conditions related to pregnancy and childbirth illegal. Further protections were added in 2008. Though most employers in California are willing to provide the accommodations required by law, there are still those who violate law and discriminate against pregnant workers. Unfortunately, Walmart may be facing litigation over allegations that it discriminated against a pregnant worker who claims she was seeking reasonable accommodations.

Litigation over train engineer's termination

Multiple jobs in California and other areas of the country require employers to make split-second decisions. In some cases, the worker is torn between potentially preventing a serious incident or causing damage to company property in an attempt to avoid an incident. A man in another state is now turning to litigation after he claims he was wrongfully terminated after he avoided a potentially serious accident.

Grumpy Cat litigation leads to $710,000 award

When it comes to social media, it may be difficult to predict what exactly will attract attention and become a viral sensation. When such fame comes, however, many people in California must work hard to protect their property. For example, the owner of a cat -- known as Grumpy Cat -- turned to litigation after she claimed a company infringed on her copyright.

Litigation: Man awarded $1.2 million for wrongful termination

People in California often have a path in life. For many, this includes going to work and doing the best they can while employed. Fortunately, should something unexpected occur -- such as an illness or injury -- they should be able to trust that their employers will make reasonable accommodations for them, including allowing them to take medical leave. If such accommodations are not allowed, workers have the option of seeking recourse through litigation under certain circumstances.

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Ed Sheeran part of copyright litigation

Musicians and writers in California and across the world work hard to create original works. Once they have done so, they typically want to ensure that their works are protected from copyright infringements. To do so, people must sometimes turn to litigation in order to protect their intellectual property.

PTSD diagnosis at center of pending lawsuit

Those who have a job related to public safety often have highly stressful positions. Even workers who answer 911 calls and dispatch emergency responders spend a great deal of their job hearing -- and sometimes experiencing trauma -- on calls. Unfortunately, a pending lawsuit claims that a city wrongfully terminated a woman who allegedly developed post-traumatic stress disorder after a particularly disturbing call.

Pending lawsuit against streaming service Spotify

Musicians and those who work to ensure that songs are heard by millions want to ensure that they are properly compensated for their efforts. While there are copyright laws to protect them, some people in California find that they have been the victim of a violation, potentially prompting litigation. In fact, streaming service Spotify now faces a pending lawsuit.

Litigation claiming retaliation results in $1.5 million award

Employees in California want to be judged and treated according to their abilities. If they have concerns about their treatment -- especially if certain actions may be a violation of law -- they should be able to have confidence in the fact that they will not face retaliation for discussing these concerns with the appropriate parties. Unfortunately, some are forced to seek alternative paths to justice, potentially including turning to litigation.

Litigation over pregnant California woman's termination

The attitude toward pregnant women in the workplace has changed drastically over the course of the last several decades. In fact, there are laws in place protecting women from discrimination based on their pregnancy. Unfortunately, many women still face persecution despite these laws. In fact, a California woman turned to litigation after she was terminated from her position at a storage facility.


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