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Litigation leads to verdict against KinderGuides

Many people in California and across the world believe that providing books to young children can have positive benefits. With that thought in mind, a company called KinderGuides created adaptations of several books deemed classics; their goal is to help children appreciate classic literature while still young. While some people question whether young children can fully appreciate the works of Ernest Hemingway, for example, others -- including the estates and publishers of many of the authors -- have pursued litigation against the company.

Wrongful termination litigation results in $1.26 million award

Employers in California are required to provide workers' compensation insurance benefits for their employees. The benefits provide for medical expenses and lost wages in the event that an employee is injured while on the job. Unfortunately, a man in another state claims that he was wrongfully terminated after he filed a workers' compensation claim. Litigation resulting from the man's claim recently resulted in a $1.26 million award in his favor.

Litigation: Photographer claims copyright infringement

Most photographers and other types of artists in California want their work to receive the recognition that it deserves. While this includes that their work is actually seen, they also want proper compensation, a desire that sometimes results in litigation. One photographer in another state has recently filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Procter & Gamble for allegedly using her work in unauthorized ways.

Grocery store turns to litigation over alleged infringement

Many companies in California and across the country work hard to create a recognizable brand. As part of that brand recognition, they often create a trademark that they hope will be easily connected to the company. In order to protect their brand, some companies find themselves in a position of being forced to turn to litigation in order to protect their trade and service marks from copyright infringement.

MLB umpire claims discrimination, turns to litigation

Although there are a variety of different types of jobs, all workers in California likely have one thing in common -- they want to be evaluated, promoted and compensated for the job that they perform rather than for their race or gender. Despite laws in place to protect workers from these and other forms of discrimination, there are still workers who fall victim to illegal acts. For many, litigation may be only option to redress certain workplace violations.

Disability discrimination claim could lead to litigation

It is well-known that when a member of the military is deployed, he or she often does not return home in the same condition. Those in California who choose to serve in the military often suffer both physically and mentally -- effects that are often felt for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, one man in another state claims that he suffered even more because of his post-traumatic stress disorder when he became the victim of workplace discrimination. His claims could lead to litigation.

Litigation: Judge overturns copyright infringement verdict

Writers are inspired by many different aspects of life. Often, this inspiration is nothing more than the facts of historical events or a person's life. Because of the potential sources of inspiration, many people in California and other areas of the country who create a successful production, for example, are sometimes forced to defend their decisions through litigation. The creators of a hit musical, "Jersey Boys," have recently successfully argued that a verdict against them in a copyright infringement lawsuit should be overturned.

Litigation over purse between Valentino and Steve Madden

Designers in California work hard every year to create new products and designs to attract customers. Unfortunately, when one designer releases a product that is identical to another's, but significantly cheaper, the original designer could lose money. Valentino has accused Steve Madden of such a transgression; the accusation has now resulted in litigation.

Cupcake results in copyright infringement litigation

The internet has opened up opportunities for new professions. For example, many people in California and across the country are able to create a full-time job out of blogging. In some cases, bloggers work hard to create new content to attract visitors to their site. Unfortunately, a blogger has turned to litigation in California, claiming that the Food Network infringed on the copyright of her how-to video by posting a similar one on social media.

Strawberry litigation results in ruling for California college

For many people, strawberries are a delicious, healthy snack that can typically be easy to find in most grocery stores. However, most consumers are unaware of the years of research a single strawberry may represent. It is this research that recently led to litigation as a result of a conflict between a California college and one of its retired professors.


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